Jumping Thru The Hoops

Looking for an interesting, quick and easy art project – get your hands on a embroidery hoop and your set! Embroidery hoops have a more traditional use however in recent years they are started to be used to display fun fabrics rather then just for embroidery.

All you will need for this project is … embroidery hoops,  fabric , cork board , scissors, and fabric pins. I found my embroidery hoops at a local fabric store, however they would also be available at some place like Michaels. The cork boards came from the Dollar Store; the things you can find! Image

First open up your embroidery hoops to find out just how much cork will fit inside. I layered my hoop on top of the cork and traced a pen along the inside for a guide while cutting the circle from the cork sheet. It’s a good idea to put down some newspaper when cutting the cork out as it does “flake” off the sheet very easily! 


Next play around your fabric to figure out just what part of the pattern you want to guarantee showing through the hoop! Afterwords cut a square larger then your hoop out of the material. Take the inside layer of the hoop; wrap the fabric around it and place inside the outside layer. 


After popping the cork board circle into your embroidery hoop make sure the extra fabric is evenly placed and pulled snug. Now this is where all chance of this being scientific go out the window! With the extra fabric pull and pin down to keep the fabric piece snug and attached to the hoop. I found that twisting the fabric and then running a pin through both the fabric and slightly into the cork board worked for me. However I completely understand this isnt a “perfect” solution. If after you give this a shot and you find a better way I would love to hear what you’ve done! Image

On the larger hoop I made I also used a small piece of tape to anchor a run away piece of fabric down! Image

I’ve used some 3m clear plastic hooks to place these up on the wall in front of my sewing machine. However as anyone with crafting tendencies will understand – around my sewing machine is no where near ready for a close up! Maybe one day…


Some other neat embroidery hoop art to check out is this amazing project titled 365 Lucky Days – Lucky Jackson hand embroidered a new piece of art every day for a year! 



Happy fabric hunting!

xo Sarah




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