365: 111-117

Day #111 April 21 Party Peeps! Day #112 April 22 cake making Day #113 April 23 chocolate and bones – good way to end a night Day #114 April 24 Full day = magical gym bag of tricks Day #115 April 25 Oh hi kitty cat Day #116 April 26 found at the Creativ Festival  […]

Hip Hip Hooray!

I was recently looking to fill a blank wall in my new kitchen with some decorations but needed something quick and easy. After a little brainstorming I remembered about a post I saw on Smile and Wave ; where she made a Lyrical Bunting using “Oh My Darlin’ “. A trip to the hardware store and […]

Rain Rain Go Away – Sunnyside Quilt

I recently finished a BIG project , but had to wait till the surprise was no longer a surprise to chat about it ( just incase!) I made my third and biggest quilt so far that included for the first time free motion quilting. I am pretty happy with how the project turned out and […]

Holiday Display Workshop @ Anthro

Last week I was able to attend a Display Workshop held by the Yorkdale Mall Anthropologie. Each location has a team member whose full time job is creating the display pieces – from the large windows to smaller scale decorations in store that can be seen surrounding product. This event was all about helping the […]