365: 104-110

Day #104 April 14 post work catchups Day #105 April 15 More Snow!? Day #106 April 16 Reiki restorative yoga class Day #107 April 17 day dates are the best Day #108 April 18 christmas present that didnt quite make it under the tree Day #109 April 19 thats not your chair- going to cause […]

365: 34-40

Day #34 Feb 3 – Work it out! Pink counts as part of the red family , right? Day #35 Feb 4 – as seen on avenue rd. Day #36 Feb 5 – first day at the new job Day #37 Feb 6 – pre packing means no stress morning tomorrow! Day #38 Feb 7 […]

Yoga Noir – Carmelinda Di Manno

The third instructor for the Yoga Noir event that took place last week is Carmelinda Di Manno! Carmelinda started teaching yoga after a number of years in culinary and event management. In 2012 , along with Stephanie Mills , Carmelinda created “Soul Revival- Prana Party”. At this current time they have hosted 3 yoga parties […]

Yoga Noir – David Good

Continuing with visiting the three instructors of Yoga Noir we now get to chat about David Good! David has been involved in yoga for a number of years now and is very well known throughout the yoga community both in Toronto and all around the country.  He specializes in a unique expression of dynamic Hath […]

Yoga Noir- Tasha Rooke

In anticipation of this week’s Yoga Noir event that I was photographing at I was able to do a one-on-one shoot with each of the instructors. Our three teachers for the event were Tasha Rooke , David Good, and Carmelinda Di Manno; each amazing teachers in a number of styles and avid practitioner. These three people […]