365: 217-223

Day #217 – Aug 5th Day #218 – Aug 6 th Day #219 – Aug 7th Day #220 – Aug 8th Day #221 – Aug 9th Day #222 – Aug 10th Day #223 – Aug 11th xo Sarah

Happy National Running Day!

Once a upon a time someone somewhere decided that today (June 5th) would be National Running Day. Why today? Maybe because National Donut Day was a few weeks ago; or they really like the month of June. Either way today is the day to get out there and really LOVE your run! Looking for a […]

Entering The Magical World Of Jelly Rolls …

Early last week I tried out a Jelly Roll ; no not that kind of jelly roll (as yummy as this one looks…) This kind of Jelly Roll! Never seen this before? Don’t you worry – it’s all new to me as well but I think you’ll like it! After a little bit of googling […]

I Think I Can, I Think I Can…

As I mentioned in a post last week my running season is starting up super soon. This upcoming Sunday soon!  With that being said I have running on the mind! Case in point – Pinterest exploring!     One of the highlights of running races is seeing all the fun and interesting signs made by […]