365: 34-40

Day #34 Feb 3 – Work it out! Pink counts as part of the red family , right? Day #35 Feb 4 – as seen on avenue rd. Day #36 Feb 5 – first day at the new job Day #37 Feb 6 – pre packing means no stress morning tomorrow! Day #38 Feb 7 […]

Ambassador Sneak Peak

This week I attended two photoshoot’s with lululemon for two wonderful women! Here’s a small speak peak (taken off my iPhone) of the shoots. Check back next week for more behind the scene’s at each shoot! (Photo one Jackie Odette @Track Fitness , Photo two Alex Donsky @Harmony Fitness – on set with Bruce Zinger […]

Take Me For A Spin…

Earlier this week I was able to meet up with Alex Donsky; a fitness instructor who specializes in spin and treadmill workouts. I met Alex through the lululemon athletica ambassador program at the Yorkdale Mall store.  According to the Harmony Fitness instructor page “Alex’s background as a teacher shines through when you attend her classes. She provides the […]

Strawberry Jam Toaster Tarts

On Friday when I had the day off I spend some time with a new cookbook ( specifically William Sonoma Dessert of the Day ) and while flipping the pages I came across “Strawberry Toaster Tarts”. I took a quick trip to a nearby Bulk Barn to pick up some extra ingredients and was happily surprised […]

Fulfilled Commitment

Remember way back in September when I made this post about committing and making time for my portfolio website? Well I missed that deadline however after looking at the next few months and being truthful surrounding the months of October-December I decided the new year was the time to revisit this task. We are now […]