Fulfilled Commitment

Remember way back in September when I made this post about committing and making time for my portfolio website? Well I missed that deadline however after looking at the next few months and being truthful surrounding the months of October-December I decided the new year was the time to revisit this task. We are now […]

Yoga Noir – Carmelinda Di Manno

The third instructor for the Yoga Noir event that took place last week is Carmelinda Di Manno! Carmelinda started teaching yoga after a number of years in culinary and event management. In 2012 , along with Stephanie Mills , Carmelinda created “Soul Revival- Prana Party”. At this current time they have hosted 3 yoga parties […]

Yoga Noir – David Good

Continuing with visiting the three instructors of Yoga Noir we now get to chat about David Good! David has been involved in yoga for a number of years now and is very well known throughout the yoga community both in Toronto and all around the country.  He specializes in a unique expression of dynamic Hath […]

Yoga Unplugged – Encore

Last week was the final week for Yoga Unplugged for the summer. Kinda crazy to think that summer is gone for another year! The class was led by two teachers , who because of weather, were not able to teach their original  scheduled class. These two women did amazing job working off and with each […]

Yoga Unplugged- Old School Divas

For the last week of Yoga Unplugged that I personally could attend we were able to experience the practice with the songs from some “Old School Divas”! Wondering what songs and artists fell under the “old school divas” title ? Check out the Yoga Unplugged Facebook page ! xo Sarah