Start Your Engines !

This weekend while home for a family event we took some time to explore the 31st Annual Spring Automotive Flea Market in Barrie, Ontario area being held at the Burls Creek Family Event Park. According to the City of Barrie event listing the show boasts –  ” Canada’s Finest Automotive Flea market offers everything from collectibles […]

When Life Gives You Bananas…

You should make Banana Bread! The other day I had some bananas and some extra time so I decided to get moving on a classic treat. After finding the recipe I’ve used before in a cookbook from my hometown I was ready to go! Any reason to use my mixer right? Just enough eggs in […]

Entering The Magical World Of Jelly Rolls …

Early last week I tried out a Jelly Roll ; no not that kind of jelly roll (as yummy as this one looks…) This kind of Jelly Roll! Never seen this before? Don’t you worry – it’s all new to me as well but I think you’ll like it! After a little bit of googling […]

365: 111- 122

Day #111 -April 21 Day #112 – April 22 ** Yes that is my finger in the bottom of the frame 😦 it was super sunny- incase the photo didnt give that away! – and I had pulled my phone out for a quick shot but couldn’t actually see the screen! Oops Day #113 – […]

365: 89-100

Day #89 – March 30 Day #90 – March 31 Day #91 – April 1 Day #92 -April 2 Day #93 – April 3 Day #94 – April 4 Day #95 – April 5 Day #96 – April 6 Day #97 – April 7 Day #98 – April 8 Day #99 – April 9 Day […]

Too Old For Easter Egg Hunts?

Easter this year meant some quality time at home with family, good food , play time with family pets and of course chocolate! It’s just one of those food groups that have to be included at every holiday some how – or at least that’s how my mind is set. At my house notes are […]

The View From Here – The Distillery District Toronto

Yesterday I had the great luck to be able to spend time with a pair of awesome sisters, Adriana and Christina! The day started out in Toronto’s Distillery District ; with our major goals being exploration and of course fun. The classic red brick paired with the green trim makes for a perfect backdrop!  Here’s a […]