365: 55-61

Day #55 Feb 24 need to get on this “holiday” pack of lotto cards Day #56 Feb 25 7am Staff meeting with breakfast! Day #57 Feb 26 rules for success at WVRST Day #58 Feb 27 Sam didnt have to work today but I did so he reminded me of the importance of bundling! Day […]

Yoga Noir – Carmelinda Di Manno

The third instructor for the Yoga Noir event that took place last week is Carmelinda Di Manno! Carmelinda started teaching yoga after a number of years in culinary and event management. In 2012 , along with Stephanie Mills , Carmelinda created “Soul Revival- Prana Party”. At this current time they have hosted 3 yoga parties […]

Yoga Noir – David Good

Continuing with visiting the three instructors of Yoga Noir we now get to chat about David Good! David has been involved in yoga for a number of years now and is very well known throughout the yoga community both in Toronto and all around the country.  He specializes in a unique expression of dynamic Hath […]