365: 111-117

Day #111 April 21 Party Peeps! Day #112 April 22 cake making Day #113 April 23 chocolate and bones – good way to end a night Day #114 April 24 Full day = magical gym bag of tricks Day #115 April 25 Oh hi kitty cat Day #116 April 26 found at the Creativ Festival  […]

Entering The Magical World Of Jelly Rolls …

Early last week I tried out a Jelly Roll ; no not that kind of jelly roll (as yummy as this one looks…) This kind of Jelly Roll! Never seen this before? Don’t you worry – it’s all new to me as well but I think you’ll like it! After a little bit of googling […]

365: 111- 122

Day #111 -April 21 Day #112 – April 22 ** Yes that is my finger in the bottom of the frame 😦 it was super sunny- incase the photo didnt give that away! – and I had pulled my phone out for a quick shot but couldn’t actually see the screen! Oops Day #113 – […]