Link Lovin’

1) Cotton + Curls Tulle Skirt Tutorial – Do I ever wish I had somewhere to wear that skirt! 2) The Best Bookshops In The World * According to the Kate Spade Blog Team – reminds me that I need to visit the Runnymede Theatre Chapters before it closes down! 3) The Science of a […]

365: 217-223

Day #217 – Aug 5th Day #218 – Aug 6 th Day #219 – Aug 7th Day #220 – Aug 8th Day #221 – Aug 9th Day #222 – Aug 10th Day #223 – Aug 11th xo Sarah

Adventure Is Out There!

When I was in Italy a couple years ago as part of a University credit course I found a beautiful photo album that ended up coming home with me. We were mainly based in Florence and if I remember correctly Florence has quite a history with hand making paper products. At first when I found […]