365: 111-117

Day #111 April 21 Party Peeps! Day #112 April 22 cake making Day #113 April 23 chocolate and bones – good way to end a night Day #114 April 24 Full day = magical gym bag of tricks Day #115 April 25 Oh hi kitty cat Day #116 April 26 found at the Creativ Festival  […]

Strawberry Jam Toaster Tarts

On Friday when I had the day off I spend some time with a new cookbook ( specifically William Sonoma Dessert of the Day ) and while flipping the pages I came across “Strawberry Toaster Tarts”. I took a quick trip to a nearby Bulk Barn to pick up some extra ingredients and was happily surprised […]

Four Hours In The Kitchen Later

After some adventures earlier in the day I spend the afternoon motoring around my kitchen trying out a couple new recipes and a fan favourite. First up – Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Mac and Cheese. It was a pretty straightforward recipe to follow; the most time consuming prep step was grating all the cheese! Below isn’t […]

The Trouble With Notebooks

A little while back ( more like … end of march!) I went to the One Of A Kind Show with a friend and of course found some pretty neat things. A couple things followed me home-  The BBQ sauce I picked up to take home for family that weekend, the Three Bears print is […]

365 : 123 – 132

Day #123 – May 3 Day #124 – May 4 Day #125 – May 5 Day #126 – May 6 Day #127- May 7 Day #128 – May 8 Day #129 – May 9 Day #130 – May 10 Day #131 -May 11 Day #132 – May 12 xo Sarah