Strawberry Jam Toaster Tarts

On Friday when I had the day off I spend some time with a new cookbook ( specifically William Sonoma Dessert of the Day ) and while flipping the pages I came across “Strawberry Toaster Tarts”.

I took a quick trip to a nearby Bulk Barn to pick up some extra ingredients and was happily surprised with the number of things I was able to find for this recipe. I need to keep in mind for future baking days!


At Bulk Barn I was able to pick up Strawberry Jam, Cornstarch, Corn Syrup, Kosher Salt and sprinkles. It’s nice to see such a range of products available as sometimes all you really need is a cup of an ingredient- unless you are trying the recipe again of course!


Fifteen Spatulas has the full recipe posted on their blog at the bottom of their attempt at Toaster Tarts. During the process it asked for the Strawberry Jam to be mixed with a cornstarch and water combination. I pre mixed the cornstarch and water which developed into a hard paste so instead the second time at it I mixed all three pieces together and found more success.



The dough came out nicely, super tasty however looking back I do not think I quite had it rolled out thin enough to be able to develop the correct number of squares that the recipe called for. With that in mind most of my tarts ended up with different shapes and sizes. That also played a part in what my baking sheets looked like when they came out of the oven.


Yes I made a mess while making these Toaster Tarts but I also made from scratch the pie dough and some delicious treats. I think thats a fair trade for delicious things! This is the first thing I’ve made from this book and I am excited to see what else can be whipped up from this book!



xo Sarah

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