Shoot, Print , Repeat – Canon Selphy CP900

Just before Christmas I was traveling around the internet and something caught my eye. After some researching I made a quick email to Santa* and I just made it under the wire.

The Canon Selphy CP900 would qualify as that toy every kid wants to play with directly after opening on Christmas morning. However with people visiting and places to be, I held myself back and waited a couple days. Since then however this little printer has been a joy to work with.


This machine is small, smaller then I expected – the whole unit measures out at 7 by 5 inches. It uses all the space available to it and more by running the page it is printing on through the mechanics and printing layer by layer.


A couple of the features I really enjoy are the wireless printing and the ability to print multiple images on one sheet. One thing to keep in mind are the printer works on 4X6 pieces of paper, personally I have found most times I print two photographs and then use my paper cutter to divide the images up. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable the paper packages are. I am not saying you should print every photo on your phone but I can see alot of possibilities within this. Cards? Scrapbooking? Photo albums? The list goes on!

Dear Lizzy ; the major blog I found out about the Canon Selphy printer , has created a informative video to walk you through how to use the printer and how to place multiple  images on a sheet.

One of the best parts – Santa* though it was such a good idea that a brother got one too!  (*Thanks Mom!)

xo Sarah

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