Hip Hip Hooray!

I was recently looking to fill a blank wall in my new kitchen with some decorations but needed something quick and easy. After a little brainstorming I remembered about a post I saw on Smile and Wave ; where she made a Lyrical Bunting using “Oh My Darlin’ “. A trip to the hardware store and I was ready to put my own spin on it.


Almost all the supplies I actually already had from other projects and such , so the big thing was deciding on a phrase and picking up letters. The letters used are a reflective sticker , most times I’ve seen them before they have been used on house signage or garage sales. The first phrase that came to mind was “Hoorary” – fun, easy and to the point!


I measured out the size of the sticker, then added a couple inches to each side to figure out the size for the paper backing squares. The thing that took the longest was trying to get each sticker in the same place, once that was done all that was left was hole punching and stringing the letters together.


This was far from a time consuming project; in total it may have at most taken 25 minutes. The banner fits perfectly into the amount of space that was available. It’s like it was meant to be!

xo Sarah


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