Rain Rain Go Away – Sunnyside Quilt

I recently finished a BIG project , but had to wait till the surprise was no longer a surprise to chat about it ( just incase!) I made my third and biggest quilt so far that included for the first time free motion quilting. I am pretty happy with how the project turned out and the receivers excitement displayed their thoughts on it all.


For this project I loosely followed the Sugar Pop N Change pattern and used a Jelly Roll and a Charm pack of Moda’s Sunnyside fabric collection. The neat thing with this pre cut fabric groupings is you get a sample of each design of fabric collection and you know they will all match! I started with the major supplies above and ended up with good sized quilt for a growing family.


As I mentioned before this was my first time taking on Free Motion Quilting and I can already see why people like using this style. There are different patterns you can make with free motion however I kept it simple and did something called stippling. Pretty much free motion quilting means you move the quilt around under the sewing machine and create the pattern yourself rather then sewing straight between the seams you created while piecing your quilt. Below are some photographs from along the way of creating this quilt.





There were a couple bumps along the way ( see above photo of a late night broken sewing needle… that put a stop on work!) But the project did get done, and just in time for a new baby’s birthday. And then of course photographs of the finished project is a must!





As a finishing touch I was able to get a friend with wonderful writing to create a label with the idea being this piece will be with them for years to come.

xo Sarah


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