Four Hours In The Kitchen Later

After some adventures earlier in the day I spend the afternoon motoring around my kitchen trying out a couple new recipes and a fan favourite.

First up – Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Mac and Cheese. It was a pretty straightforward recipe to follow; the most time consuming prep step was grating all the cheese! Below isn’t even all the cheese I had to grate! I figured this was a easy dinner that would go over well however when it was ready to eat the overall reviews where meh. There are still some leftovers so the current plan is to add some peas into the mix and give it some different textures.


Next I got back at it with my favourite – Broccoli Cheddar Soup ! I still had a half portion some of the ingredients I picked up last week ( whole milk and heavy whipping cream anyone?) so it just made sense to do another batch of this yummy soup. Maybe next time I’ll save myself the day and just double the batch the first time through. I think the only thing I’ve used this immersion blender for so far has been this recipe – any suggestions for the next project I should try with it?


We had some bananas sitting on the counter that needed to be used up so the last kitchen adventure was a quick and easy choice – Banana Bread! I decided I would give a new recipe a try and made Chocolate Marble Banana Bread from the Kraft Canada website. After a slight argument with my oven about pre heating we were in business! Image

The recipe called for adding the chocolate layer by layer and gently swirling a knife through it to give it the marbling effect. Before it went in the oven it seemed like the marbling would be noticeable however I have yet to cut very far into the finished project so not quite sure if it was worth it or if it’s just better with adding chocolate chips in the whole batter. You can see sections of the chocolate across the top, either way it will be a yummy treat for the next couple days!


Now the question is – what do I make next week?

xo Sarah

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