Holiday Display Workshop @ Anthro

Last week I was able to attend a Display Workshop held by the Yorkdale Mall Anthropologie. Each location has a team member whose full time job is creating the display pieces – from the large windows to smaller scale decorations in store that can be seen surrounding product. This event was all about helping the Yorkdale display team create decorations and ornaments to deck the christmas trees they will be having in store over the holidays. 

When I arrived in store I was greeted with full table of treats with apples, water, hot apple cinder, cupcakes and other sweets. Behind the first display was a work table covered in everyday items like cardboard, magazines, straws and paperclips. 



There were a couple tasks we were working on – with the cardboard you would leave the corrugated side out, stick paper clips on either end of the triangle base with a glue gun and then roll the cardboard up to the tip of the triangle. I found the easiest way to make things stay was a dap of glue 5-10 cm. With the magazine pieces you would take a straw and roll the magazine all the way up to make a bead. The straws and paper clips were used to make stringing all the beads together to make a garland easier. 



A couple hours and glue gun inserts later we had made quite a few beads! It should be a couple more weeks until the finished product is put together to see in store. 



The girls that run these display workshops out of the Yorkdale store are super sweet and great fun to craft with for a couple hours. As a thank you for coming and hanging out/ cutting down their work load each crafter was given some handmade gift tags to get a start on your holiday season.




Love this idea of labeling something to: you from: us for if your doing a gift exchange but dont quite know who will get your package!


It seems to be about every 4-6 months that this location hosts a display workshop; its a fun crafting adventure where you can try out new things, meet interesting people and you don’t have to find storage for the piece afterwards!

xo Sarah

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