Thanksgiving @ The Evergreen Brickworks

While coming back into the city on the Thanksgiving Monday we made a stop at the Evergreen Brickworks located in the Don Valley. In 2002 talks started about how to turn the space into what it is today. Want to know more about how the space went from an closed down brick factory to a display of green design and urban innovation ? The Evergreen Brickworks website has you covered! 



There was lots of people exploring the space; including outside on the grounds viewing the leaves, an Oktoberfest with craft beers and food from Wvrst , there was even a temporary display around the brick ovens full of ideas to make cities green-er!








It seems like more often then not each weekend there is some sort of event happening to keep visitors to the space extra busy! I know I need to break out my hiking shoes and head on back for another visit! 

xo Sarah

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