Tu Tu How To

A couple months back I signed up for a Toronto based race called ” A Mid Summer Night Run” and with the whole event being based around Shakespeare and the magical characters of the forest I decided this would be a perfect time to try running in a tu-tu. 

First things first was a visit to a Fabricland location where I found a surprisingly large selection of colours of tulle.  I narrowed down which colours I wanted and then decided to get half a meter of each colour for a total of a meter and a half. I also picked up a package of elastic to use as my base.


I had originally planned on sewing together my tu tu however when I was looking around the Internet at how others had completed the project I quickly changed my mind. The steps where as easy as cutting the elastic length, cutting the tulle into 6 inch sections and then tying around the band until all space was covered! Thats it, thats all! 


Because I used elastic as my base instead of ribbon like some others I did have to stitch the two ended together but that was done in no time flat. I only did one layer of tulle the whole way around and ended up with a good amount of volume in the skirt. Afterwards I think I was maybe left with 15 inches of tulle. Pretty good for “guessing” how much to get material wise.


As it was getting closer to race day I was unsure if the tulle would rub uncomfortably against my waist while running. To combat that I fit the elastic to go at my waist with a t-shirt layer inbetween. When I arrived at the location of A Mid Summer Night Run there were quite a few tut tus! During the run itself I hardly noticed at all that I was wearing the tu tu ; it never got caught on any foliage or in the way of my moving limbs. While on the race course I also received a number of compliments about my outfit choice!



All in all I really enjoyed making and rocking my tu tu at this race! It was a relatively easy project that took maybe an hour to complete and it helped bring some smiles to peoples faces – including my own ! The tulle also held up quite well for traveling 15 km’s running and I might need to make a habit of bringing it along on my fun races. 

So what are you going to wear your tu tu for?

xo Sarah


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