Inspired – Volume 2

1) Well Curated Rooms – Young House Love has a great feature called “House Crashing” which recently featured a town house with a perfect kitchen ( among other rooms!). Looking for some more design ideas? Check out A Beautiful Mess‘s feature “At Home With”



2) And Pretty Outdoor Spaces !




3) Neat, Quick and Easy Crafts



4) Interesting Quilt Patterns – I am still working away on those Jelly Roll projects however I recently got a copy of “Simply Retro” a quilting book by Camille Roskelley and a couple different patterns have caught my eye! 



5) Summer Days and Dreaming of Adventures –




6) 40,000 Days and Then You’re Dead, the story of lululemon athletica by Chip Wilson – The founder of lululemon athletica has started a new project called Whil and has also released a book online. Currently only up to chapter six is available however it is a super interesting read that I would recommend starting and following back up on to finish!



7) Funny , Yet True Logo Design Process-  



8) And A Fun Tune For Creating Dance Parties! 

xo Sarah 


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