Thoughts and Such – Blue Velvet Cupcakes

The other day while walking across the mall after work I took a peak in Williams Sonoma because a big red sale sign caught my eye and with an extra 75% being taken off sale items it couln’t hurt to look. I ended up coming home with one of their cupcake mixes . I like sweets and I know someone who really like blueberries – seemed like a perfect idea to give them a try.


Fast forward a few days and the cupcakes have been made, ate and the votes are in! First things first I love the packaging and graphics used for this line. It’s light, a little whimsical and timeless. When the mix came out of the bag the power had a slight blue to it but once all the ingredients were in wow was it ever blue!


*iphone photos while baking for the win!

16 to 18 minutes later plus some time on the cooling rack I had some cupcakes to decorate . The container also includes a recipe for a “recommended” icing pairing. This made alot of icing and I am currently talking myself out of just eating the extra with a spoon!

I found when I tried them fresh out the oven there were just ok, however the next day after they had been sitting in the fridge ( with a cream cheese icing I figured I would rather be safe then sorry) I enjoyed them much more. If your looking to taste blueberries I’d say go find a container at your local store but overall I did enjoy this little taste test. Then again the flavour is Blue Velvet so maybe I shouldn’t quite be looking for the taste of eating actual blueberries.  Am I running out to buy more flavours? The jury is still out on that one.


Have you tried a product out of the norm because of a sweet sale? What’s your verdict?

xo Sarah

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