This summer I’ve taken up a new sport and the goal is to get out on the water once a week! In this case SUP standing for Stand Up Paddle Boarding and personally I am going to be spending my time out on the water with a Toronto company called Supgirlz.


According to the Supgirlz website Stand Up Paddleboarding ” traces its roots back to Polynesia and ancient surfing. Surf instructors in Hawaii started using SUP’s in the 1960′s as a way to get a better view the waves and their students. It was referred to as beachboy surfing. In the early 2000s, big wave surfers such as Laird Hamilton started cross training with SUP. Today lots of celebrities and athletes have taken up SUP’ing and the sport continues to grow and spread out over the ocean, lake, and even river waters everywhere.”


SUP is becoming one of the fastest growing sport across the world. The use of the paddle plus your body positioning emliates the need waves to propel yourself, you can take part in almost any body of open water.


SUP boards are pretty neat because you can still do a number of exercise activities that are normally done on land – just with an added balance workout! Today for example while out we did squats, downward dogs, chaturangas , upward dogs, fish pose, and some lower ab workouts like bicycle legs and scissor lifts!


I am already counting down the days till the next class that I’ve signed up for! The plan is to spend part of Canada Day on the water for a night paddle and see some fireworks across the sky!

xo Sarah

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