Beyond Luon Toronto 2013

Last Tuesday, June 18th I was able to attend an event called Beyond Luon. Last week I posted some photos however today I wanted to put some body behind it all.

So luon is a material that is used in pants among other things that you can find at lululemon athletica. The idea of this event is supposed to be remembering and seeing how there is life out there “beyond luon”. I know some people joke about drinking the lululemon kool-aid and falling down the rabbit hole- so this was an interesting way to see and hear what choices people had made to get to their goals.


I can’t give you a full play by play because there was just too many amazing things to grab hold of! However I can give you a quick snapshot of each of the speakers –

Vanessa Giugovaz – shared how she went from half way thru a sports medicine degree to moving into a new city and diving into the world of fashion. Give yourself a gut check and go!

Sam of Root Cellar – talked about taking a set back and turning it into a new idea. Let yourself be open to change!

Steph Corker – had one speech planned however because of 2 broken bones in her foot, gave us insight on how surround yourself with great people and they will be there thru it all.

Bianca Sparacino – shared a spoken word poem which can be found here.

Next during intermission Mars played some of her musical stylings.

Jonas Caruana – talked about leaving a comfortable life to find what would really make him happy. Jonas touched on the idea of clouds of inspiration to find out what will make you happy. Along the way he formed Training Mobs!

Sara Demizio – spoke about how she stays in practice. Practicing  love, worth-fulness , communication among other things. couple fun quotes from her section included – all we have is practice and practice is perfect.

Julie Ball- touched on goals and how she took the time to look back on all the goals she has set in her ten year career at lululemon. Also how goals can come into your lives with a much difference result then expected.

Adele Skeete – a large life choice she made for her family and finding her inner strength. She dared the crowd to move and go for it. Also stated that we should embrace the uncomfortable to see the growth in ourselves.

Our wonderful host for the evening Jacki Carr delivered some more inspiration along with congratulating our speakers on what they had just completed. And then it was over and we  were able to made our way into the night with goals and inspiration on the brain.

All in all this was a great event and I am really pumped that I was able to attend! It seems like this is a series of event that lululemon is expanding so I would keep your ear to the ground to see when one could be near you!


ps have yet to find a Toronto video but here is LA for a little taste of what when down!

xo Sarah

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