Adventure Is Out There!

When I was in Italy a couple years ago as part of a University credit course I found a beautiful photo album that ended up coming home with me. We were mainly based in Florence and if I remember correctly Florence has quite a history with hand making paper products.


At first when I found the album I decided it would be great to hold my photographs from my trip to Italy. However after I got home and re-watched the movie UP, I saw the scene about Ellie’s Adventure Book .  I’ve done alittle bit of traveling and 100% plan on doing more so I decided it made more sense to use this photo album as a record holder of my adventures rather then just that one time I went to Italy.


The only problem is it has been almost two years since I went on that trip and I still have not printed a single photo to put in this album! Choosing how many photos from each trip to put in has been the hard part. That and just doing it! So I am hoping by putting it other there and reminding myself why I want to put these fun memories all in one place it will get the ball rolling!

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? How do you store your adventure photos and memories?

ps – heres a peak into some of my adventures over the last few years! Rome Italy in the Colosseum , Venice Italy on a Gondola , London England at Kings Cross 9 3/4 , London England on the Tower Bridge , Guatemala roasting a marshmallow on a active volcano, Guatemala working with Habitat for Humanity.







xo Sarah


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