Post Doors Open 2013

For this year’s Doors Open the place at the top of my list was the Toronto Archives! We went to the Spadina Road location ; right near Casa Loma. After looking around the main floor we heading into the viewing library and the first thing we noticed were all the volumes of City Council Meeting Minutes! It was pretty funny to compare the date range of the hard copy volumes to the more recent DVD collection! The also had a number of Toronto City maps out for viewing, including the oldest map of Toronto in the collection! Unfortunately taking photographs of these maps were near impossible because of the protective covering and sunlights near by.Image


Next we moved over to the viewing deck of the record storage! So many boxes! According to the Toronto City Archives website the collection has ” 1.2 million photographs; millions of pages of textual records, from diaries to speeches to articles; over 5,000 maps; and more.” This is one of two storage locations, also a staff member explained there can be quite a number of files that can be disposed of each year. Image

Don’t worry ; Sam was having fun too! ( for real though!)Image

Back on the ground floor they had a selection for people to find out who lived in their current house! The books included one section by street address and another selection by last name. We took a few minutes to find Sam’s grandfather’s name hiding in all the pages!Image

After leaving the Toronto City Archives we did have plans to visit more locations involved in Doors Open however while exploring downtown we took part in a scavenger hunt and next thing you know the afternoon was gone! Now I do a have a pretty neat looking piggy sitting on my book shelf!


Did you check out Door Open? What location would you love to be apart of this neat event?

xo Sarah 


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