The Trouble With Notebooks

A little while back ( more like … end of march!) I went to the One Of A Kind Show with a friend and of course found some pretty neat things. A couple things followed me home- Image

The BBQ sauce I picked up to take home for family that weekend, the Three Bears print is made using a woodcut, and the book in the top corner is where my dilemma begins!


This book used to be a cook book and it has been repurposed into a notebook. The inside even still includes some sections of the original book!


The vendor had tons of different styles of books to choose from; everything from nancy drew’s to school textbooks. The reason why I picked this book in particular was storage and organization.  With the Internet being so full of information now I have found a lot of different recipes and I wanted to be able to put the ones that have worked all together in one space.


The problem now is I don’t know where to start! Do you ever find that with notebooks? The desire to want them looking perfect and knowing there’s no “take backs” prevents you from putting pen to paper.


It’s not a huge book by any means but there are a good number of pages available to use. I just can’t decide if I should put the recipes in by sections , with all the baked goods in one part and the entrees in another part. Or does it make more sense to just put the recipes in no matter the order. I am leaning more towards number two as how do I really determine how many pages to leave for each section. Also would that maybe lead to running out of pages because I left too many for one section and not enough for another?

Then the next question becomes do I type all the recipes up, print and then attach them into the book. Or do I try to make my not so pretty handwriting look somewhat decent and write each and every detail down!

So many choices yet hopefully the answers will lead to a great collection of favourite recipes. For now at least the outside of the book is pretty!


How do you store your found recipes? Have any tips for finally getting starting with a new note book?

xo Sarah

ps- some favourite recipes I’ve found because of the Internet include : Diva’s Can Cook Broccoli Cheddar Soup and French Vanilla Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake ; Bakerella’s Triple Chip Cookies ; and I recently made Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies !


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