When Life Gives You Bananas…

You should make Banana Bread!

The other day I had some bananas and some extra time so I decided to get moving on a classic treat. After finding the recipe I’ve used before in a cookbook from my hometown I was ready to go!


Any reason to use my mixer right?Image

Just enough eggs in the fridge to make this work! Meant to be!Image


Now the recipe does not specifically call for this next step but I think it’s an important add on to any Banana Bread experience.



And 65 minutes later out comes some amazingly delicious Banana Bread! The hardest part is waiting until the loaf of Banana awesomeness as cooled down to safely eat! Burning your tongue on piping hot banana should not be on your to-do list.


Now that you are all hungry I sadly have to admit that this loaf is all gone!! However if you have a couple extra bananas and a small amount of time it is super easy too recreate.

How long until you will be making a loaf of Banana Bread for yourself ( or to share) ? Chocolate chips – yay or yay ?

xo Sarah

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