Entering The Magical World Of Jelly Rolls …

Early last week I tried out a Jelly Roll ; no not that kind of jelly roll (as yummy as this one looks…)


This kind of Jelly Roll! Never seen this before? Don’t you worry – it’s all new to me as well but I think you’ll like it!


After a little bit of googling the best description I can give you is … “Jelly Rolls are collections of 2 1/2″ x 44″ strips of fabric. Jelly Rolls typically include 40 strips of fabric but can vary.” For the most part a Jelly Roll contains a strip of fabric from each design of a collection. So it is safe to say that the strips included will coordinate to some degree.

Sometimes similar products are put on the market by different companies and the only real difference is name and packaging. Moda, a division of United Notions, has taken the idea of baking and really ran with it. A large number of their precut fabric choices feature dessert based names. For example – jelly rolls, layer cakes, honey buns, and turnovers. They even run a  separate blog called the Moda Bake Shop which is full of “recipes ” for fabric lovers to use with different items of their collections.

Bali Pops is another similar idea just with a different twist on the packaging …


At the very end of April I was able to take a day and visit the spring version of the Creativ Festival. According to their website the Creativ Festival has been happening twice a year since 1988! The show is all about ” sewing, knitting, quilting, beading, needlework, scrapbooking, diy decorating, crafting, fibre, textile and paper arts and more…” and also features hands on courses throughout the day.

Last year while at the Winter show I got to meet a Lama and see some awesome Canadian Style Yarn Bombing!



Anyways… Back to Jelly Rolls! While walking around all the booths there were alot of different Jelly Roll combinations. The one I ended up with is called 2WENTY-THR3E – kinda fitting if I do say so myself! The fabric strips are covered in vintage cameras, movie stubs, and an assortment of circular patterns.


I decided to go with a basic pattern that has taken over the “online quilting” world using Jelly Rolls; it goes by a couple names including The Jelly Roll Race or The Jelly Roll 1600 ! I used two resources for the most part – written instructions from Heirloom Creations and a great video on Youtube from a quilt shop called The Missouri Quilt Co. And one slightly panicked phone call home to Mom ( ** Thanks Mom!)


It ended up taking me two sittings over back to back nights to get the quilt top finished – mainly because it took awhile to get the swing of attaching all the strips into one long row. Plus I started later in the evening and had to work the next day! However once you get going the quilt top comes together quick!!

If you checked out my 365 post from Sunday you might have already seen the finished quilt top however I think it looks pretty rad and deserves another look!


And a close up on the fabric! Check out those cameras – Fantastic! It’s like the fabric was made for me!


Next steps – picking a backing fabric, learning how to make a binding, and of course the actual quilting of all the layers together! Still a bit of work to do however currently I am pretty pumped about the progress. Looks like I’ll be spending more time on the Missouri Quilt Co ‘s Youtube page! One thing that used to make me nervous about quilting was cutting all the tiny little pieces up and the possibility of having measurements be wrong. Jelly Rolls and other pre cut fabric choices make cutting related issues the last thing on my mind.

Hopefully sooner then later I’ll be able to come back and say this quilt is done! This pass weekend I actually spend some time at a blogger meet up and was able to get to know a whole bunch of Fit and Fabulous Toronto based Bloggers. Many of them are part of a blogging community called Fitfluential and the meet up was formed because most of us were running a distance at the Goodlife Toronto race that happened on Sunday. Some of the awesome people I got to chat with included …. Darwinian Fail , Truly Jess , Life After Bagels , Eat Spin Run Repeat , Work It. Wear It. Eat It. ,  The Athletarian , ElleSeeFit , Robyn Baldwin , Pavement Runner , Iron Rogue and many more! It was great to meet everyone and congrats on your runs!!

Will you be looking more into using Jelly Rolls? Have you tried creating a quilt before or always wanted to in the back of your mind? Need to learn how to sew?

xo Sarah

One thought on “Entering The Magical World Of Jelly Rolls …

  1. Looks great Sarah, Aunt Marion and I went to another quilt show in Newmarket on Sunday and I picked up another jelly roll yes they are addictive and the shop hop is this weekend, Look out. I saw one done and they added a coordinating border to make the quilt bigger.

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