Running Wild!

I like running.

I have yet to have put my finger on exactly why but I like it.

I ran cross country and track while in school until I hit University when it became more of a sometime sport. As in sometimes I found a friend to run outside with me or sometimes I’d make the time to make it down to the residence gym to clock km, but i never took the whole thing really serious.

In 2010 I signed up for the 5 km part of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront , being new(er) to the city I had a mix up with the ttc and missed the run.

The next year I decided I’d give a half marathon a try! The summer camp I used to work at for quite some time was one of the official charities of the run. Also I had recently started working for an athletic retail company; so it just seemed to make sense. I didn’t train enough by far – whether it was because of signing up late or not wanting to admit just what I had gotten myself into. By the time the run was over I was glad to be done but curious when I could do another run!

The past runs I’ve done are –


Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon, Toronto


Sporting Life 10 km, Toronto

lululemon athletica Sea Wheeze Half Marathon, Vancouver

Island Girl Half Marathon, Toronto Islands

Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon, Toronto


This year my run schedule looks like…

Goodlife Half Marathon : May 5th 2013 (registered)

Sporting Life 10km : May 12th 2013 (registered)

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon : May 26th 203 (registered)

Colour Me Rad 5km : June 22th 2013 (registered)

A Mid Summer Night Run 15km : August 17th 2013 (registered)

Island Girl Half Marathon : September 22nd 2013

Scotiabank Waterfront Half Marathon : October 20th 2013

It seems like alot of written out however it’s also spread over 6 months from May to October. I am going to have to find a better way to store my medals other then on the back of a door knob!

Image Image

Plus learn how to spot the race photographers so I know where to smile at! I’ve already gotten a nice collection of horrible race photos!

Ps These shots above are from the Island Girl Half Marathon and Ryder Photographer

xo Sarah

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