Too Old For Easter Egg Hunts?

Easter this year meant some quality time at home with family, good food , play time with family pets and of course chocolate! It’s just one of those food groups that have to be included at every holiday some how – or at least that’s how my mind is set.



At my house notes are very important to keep special dessert’s safe! And sometimes that doesn’t always work ( don’t worry the raspberry pie made it intact to dinner on Sunday)Image



A little while back now my youngest brother decided that he wanted to own and drive a vintage bug. It came to him with a pair of red paint handprints on the bumper but after some elbow grease and trips to the hardware store his bright yellow 1969 volkswagen beetle has been running down the road now for just over a year! Our great Aunt was even able to go for a joy ride in it after dinner this year!Image


Whose knows what the three of them are laughing at now! Image


The three of us do not end up in the same place for very long anymore so it was decided a quick photo op was needed before the one headed back off to school in Kitchener/Waterloo. It’s kinda crazy to think the last time was December/January and before that …a cousin’s wedding in August! We’re all up to so many different things that time just flies! Image

Now as the “big” sister I had to give bunny ears a try – Either I need to get better aim or my brother’s need to shrink!

(ps- and the easter egg hunts; well your never to old for that. One brother wouldn’t get out of bed and the other didn’t want to bother. All the more easter eggs for me! However I did the nice thing and left them a share of the easter eggs I was able to find!)

xo Sarah


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