Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous ….

I was lucky enough to make a visit home for the Easter holiday work schedule wise and while I was there a trip was made to explore one of the Princess Margaret Home Lottery locations that was nearby in King City. Most locations are open to the public to take a walk around and see what they could win with their draw ticket. In my case I normally visit just with the idea of taking photographs in mind and to see different design inspirations. According to the PMHF site this location is the grand prize and is valued at $3.77 Million – Woah! 







I wouldn’t say the space as a whole fits my personal style however I think its neat to see what can be done with so many decor options out there. That dining room is amazing; with all those curtains and the seating arrangement what’s not to love! These photographs are actually only of the main floor as the second was still quite full of other visitor’s while we were exploring. If you want to see more the PMHF has a virtual tour on their website or the information on each location if you want to plan to visit!

ps – you know your itching to listen to this song again ….

xo Sarah


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