23 to do before 24…

For my birthday this last year I picked up a notebook for myself – might seem like a odd birthday gift to oneself but i had a plan! Over the couple days leading up to my birthday I was slowly working on a list of things I wanted to complete in the next little while and figured using my birthday as a start/finish would be an easy way to keep track of everything. At first getting to 23 ideas wasnt going to quickly however after a brainstorm session I decided the ideas could be big or small – they just had to be something I was interested in doing! So I am alittle over halfway to my deadline and need to get myself in check to finish – check out my progress below!
After looking at my list today I saw that there are some ideas that might not get finished this time around. However that doesnt mean they can’t be added in again next year. I’ve put everything in below from finished to mostly likely to be finished next to maybe next time…

1) Ride the length of the 501 Queen Streetcar – I got a quick start on this list by spending my birthday checking off the first few listed here


2) Go to the Beaches- fun area of Toronto that I cant wait to spend more time in this summer


3) Try stand up paddle boarding (SUP) – had the chance to try this out with a Toronto company called SUPGirlz and had a blast! Cant wait for the SUP season to start up so I can try this neat sport afew more times!


4) See a play or a movie in the park – TIFF holds summer movie sessions called TIFF in the Park; and this last season’s theme was buddy comedies (i think?). However they chose more classic movies and we attended for Mr. and Mrs. Smith by Hitchcock !


5) Visit the Bata Shoe Museum – why wouldn’t you want to visit a Toronto museum all about shoes!?!


6) Finish a half marathon smiling – at the point I wrote this list I had only finished one half marathon and by the end of the race I was extremely beat and was more concerned getting across that line rather then enjoying the moment. I hadn’t trained enough and could feel that fact by the end. In August I took a trip out to Vancouver to run the first Sea Wheeze lululemon athletica half marathon – still didnt train quite enough but the run to me was more about experiencing the course and finishing enjoying the moment. ( this is my “take the photo already Sam” face )


7) Go to Center Island – again with being more Toronto based post university and not making time to go to Center Island ; it had to be fixed.


8) Try out a Zumba class – I am not much of a dancer and wanted to take care of this one with a group; enter a lululemon athletica event!


9) Complete a 365 photography project – My first time around with this project I started on the first day of fall and posted the images on my flickr account. After enjoying it I decided to start again on January 1st using my iphone.

10) Assist two photographers – great way to keep active in my chosen field! One of the shoots was steampunk related


11) Create a photography/lifestyle based blog – I am still in my beginning stages however as you can see the blog is a real life thing now!

12) Bake a pie , start to finish – well I am not sure if this counts or not but I recently made pie pops. however I do still plan on making a full pie; much less work and much more pie!


13) High tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel – recommended from a friend and in the planning stage currently

14) Yarn Bomb – I saw the piece below in Vancouver and have loved the idea since it first started popping up on the internet


15) Take a cooking course- I can get by on basics but its always good to be open to learn more

16) Take a figure skating coaches course- I’ve been skating my whole life and want to get more involved to help other new-er skaters fall in love with the sport. This one might not quite be done in time however it will be this summer

17) Sing at a Karaoke Bar- could be fun!

18) See a ballet performance – some companies do will call seats; show up a couple hours before the show and possibly get more budget friendly tickets

19) Save $5,000- now that I am finished university I need to get on the saving train!

20) Sew three pieces I love/wear – Have the fabric now just need to take the time!


21)Be an extra in a tv show/movie/video-  could be an interesting story but might be a bit hard to find in the next little while

22) Skate on the Rideau Canal – winter is on the way out so outdoor skating should be a no

23) Visit New York City- again more time related then anything else; still high on my must do list though!

Of the ideas I have left I think 8 are completely do- able; so it’s time to get going and check the rest off my list. Then I can move onto making next year’s list!

If you have any suggestions of things I should look into doing drop me a line in the comment section!

xo Sarah


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