Wait, they don’t love you like I love you, Ma-a-a-a-ps, wait!


A space really becomes yours when you take the time to add some of your own personality to it! This is actually a project I completed in the summer at one point however I still love looking at it and decided you might enjoy the idea as well. Plus it is a super quick and easy project to finish during the afternoon.


First things first there are couple supplies – a frame, exacto knife and/or scissors, tape, and an atlas. I found this one at a local Value Village in their book section for around $10. You could also find a frame there if one catches your eye! This one came from Michaels Craft store during a sale on all frames.Image

Next get to exploring – find the map that speaks to you; whether it be the area you grew up in or the country you have always wanted to visit. Anything works ; its your art!



Carefully take your exacto knife and slice the page from the binding. Slow and steady wins the race here, move to quickly and you might cut through more of the map then you bargained for! 


My frame came with a piece of mat board that I decided to use to really bring your focus in. This will also affect whether you can use a whole country or a “zoomed in” section.


After figuring out what will show with your mat board, cut down the sides of the page to fit perfectly into your frame. In my case I was trying to get both my hometown and my partner’s in the frame so the page did not use up the whole frame and I had to use some tape to keep the image where I wanted it.


Insert your page back into the frame, place the backing board in and then flip over your new piece of art. The next thing on your to do list is going to be finding a place to display your DIY adventure. 


Personally I have a small window sill in my kitchen that would be great for a plant but I am seriously lacking a green thumb so it turned into an awesome space to place my frame. Along with an amazing owl candle I hope never gets burnt and a mortar and pestle that came our way as a gift ( thanks Mom and Dad!) ; the window sill became more interesting and is no longer wasted space.


xo Sarah






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