1) Kate Spade New York : Things We Love

I’ve heard such rave reviews for this gem! Pops of colour and fantastically styled images – picked up a copy now just to spend lots and lots of time with it!


2) Anthropologie

From how the location’s are decorated to the amazing product designs ; visiting this store is always a treat. Plus for the budget friendly side of things there can be great markdowns – you just need to keep an eye out. The February Catalog was released about a week back; you’ll want to be traveling after flipping through the pages!


3) Mad Men

I’ve been catching up on Season Five recently and I am glad I found the time – my brain is full of vintage inspired photo-shoots! I am sure you’ve heard it all before however I just LOVE how fully and completely committed to the era the show is.Image

4) Speaking of vintage – Vintage Advertisements!

A quick search on Google can bring up all kinds of gems!

eqqsd1             tumblr_m9j7pjRKnz1rpdnufo1_400

5)Falling Snow!


6) A fantastic friend – Bonnie!

Currently Bonnie is teaching in Saudi Arabia and has a HUGE goal of starting a girls group to raise self-esteem and to teach girls to embody a healthy body image. She recently was in touch with a number of her girl friends in North America to help with a healthy self esteem workshop she is running for grade 7-12 girls. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out for her and I am honored to be involved in this project.

7) Maria and The Diamonds

Amazing artist and great tunes! Some favorites include … 1 2 3 4Image

8) A Beautiful Mess

I am not 100% on when I became a regular reader of ABM however I am over the moon that I did! Over the years ABM has grown to include a number of women living in the USA and would be classified as a lifestyle blog because of the wide range of topics they cover. DIY, Fashion, Decor, Food, Healthy Living – they have it all! I have created  a number of pieces for my living space from this blog and actually ABM was part of the inspiration for me taking the step into my own interest in blogging!! Image

xo Sarah

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

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